About Me

About Haluk Kizilay

He was born in Bursa-Turkey in 1963 and graduated from “Bursa Erkek Lisesi” in 1981. Haluk received a BscEng in Mechanical engineering from Uludag University located in Bursa-Turkey in 1986. After English language education in Cardiff/UK, he started to work for BS-Turkey as project engineer responsible from new Radial tire plant investment. More than 30 years, he is in tire industry having various national & international positions. Haluk married with his wife Begum in 1993 and they have a son. He enjoys travelling, reading as well as skiing.

Professional background

For more than 30 years Haluk has built an impressive career in tire industry that spans everything from tire design & development to strategic planning, marketing and business development, both in Turkey and overseas. Haluk received a BscEng in mechanical engineering from Uludag University located in Bursa-Turkey. At Brisa, Bridgestone Turkey, Haluk supported executive and functional level of tire design, production, field evaluation and management.

He also engaged in strategic plan development and presentations, competitive intelligence, OEM programs, benchmarking. Haluk led or was involved in key investment projects and initiatives in preparation for pursuing growth opportunities. For BS-Turkey, a leading tire manufacturer firm, Haluk researched and wrote analysis and published reports relating to the domestic and international tire industry, covering Passenger Car tires, Truck & Bus tires and Agricultural Radial tires.

His areas of expertise in BS-Turkey include:

  • Tire knowledge ( TBR/PCR/AGR/ORS/AGS )
  • Employee Relations | Communication
  • Marketing/product planning
  • Product Development and design
  • Training
  • Total Quality management
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality System Management
  • Field Engineering

Haluk received a BscEng in mechanical engineering from Uludag University located in Bursa-Turkey.

During in his BS-Turkey carrier, he also received another degree in Business Management (BBA) from Anadolu University.

Early in his career, he received several Certificate of Achievement Award from BS-Turkey such as the best QFD applier and the best production support. During assignment in BS-Turkey, he visited many countries for tire business and received intensive technical and management trainings based on Japanese Management philosophy. In 2011, Haluk moved on to become a “R&D Engineering manager” in Cooper Tire & Rubber (NY: CTB) a leading USA tire manufacturing company. He took wide-range responsibility for Truck & Bus product development as well as Field Engineering & Business Development.

His areas of expertise were widened with Cooper experiences now include:

  • Tire knowledge ( TBR/PCR/AGR/ORS/AGS )
  • Employee Relations | Communication
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Integration
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Product Development and design
  • Training and personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Budgetary Compliance
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Field Engineering
  • Mentoring

In addition to design direction at Cooper, he also participated in Product Planning and Global Technology Development sessions in the U.S. Haluk has had direct experience with Cooper Tire and Its numerous brands and affiliations.

Haluk provides strong proficiencies in product planning, development, and manufacturing including investments.

Haluk enjoys an impressive track-record as a visionary Tire Engineering professional with myriad achievements and accomplishments in a career spanning over 30 years.

Haluk has been recognized for his leadership, strategic direction and for executive coaching in rapid growth and distressed economic environments. He has consistently delivered positive and sustainable employee relations and organizational effectiveness within industry.

Haluk is one of the registered researchers of TUBITAK -the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey- and he is also one of the authorized judges of EU Horizon 2020 work program.

In his 30 plus years in the Tire Industry Haluk has had extensive national and international exposure. His responsibilities have been as varied as Tire Design Engineer to Senior R & D Executive.

He visited many countries for Tire Business;

USA, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Algeria, Japan, Australia